People here believe in byadhi, a star called byadhi in ancient times. The inhabitants of this world see the planet as dark art magic. It was the beginning of astrology and witchcraft practice. The famous tantriks (wizards) here are SHRI TILAK HAZARIKA and LAXMI RAM NATH, and I studied with one of his best devotees for more than 30 years and have done learn everything and anything that helps people find the best solution for their problems. If you want to contact me, don’t use the search box; just call 98170-17632 if you

Guruji Tilak Hazarika Mayong?

As you know, Mayong is full of great stories. Except for a few spells, they were not written down and passed down from generation to generation. People come from all over the world to practice tantric vidya (black magic and sorcery), including psychology students from all over the world. Mayong has become a tourist and archaeological site thanks to its wild atmosphere, medieval black magic, and Ayurvedic manuscripts. Mayong Tantrik (a popular tantric in Kamakhaya, Assam) is an expert in black magic. To produce the best. I’ve also had great success with black magic, vashikaran, and other techniques.
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Mayong is located in Kampith, ancient Kamrup. It follows that this land is one of the oldest places of Shaktaism. SHAKTAISM has its extreme point in this country. Many idols of MAA KAMAKSHYA and HARAGOURY are here and there around MAYONG and witnessed the worship of Shaktaism MAYONGIAN. There is a hill in Mayong called Buraburi. BURABURI means LORD SHIVA and PARVATI. The statue of GANESHZEE, Lord SHIVA, and PARVATI on Buraburi Hill is a witness to the name. Pachapandava’s footprints on the Burra Burri hill are witnesses of an ancient civilization from the epic period. A statue of Lord Vishnu was found in 1970 near Burabhri Hill, which is now in the uwahati State Museum. But the hill is illegally occupied by Bengali Muslims. Not only Buraburi Hill, but most of Assam’s hills and forest areas have been ravaged by Bengali Muslims. The government is sleeping on this breach.

The largest temple in Mayong is the Shakta Temple. For example – Kechai Khaiti place, Bhagavati temple, Buri I place, Kalika Gosani temple, and Buraburi place. There is a legend about the Bhagavati Temple that not only animals but also people were killed for the goddess for the welfare of the local people. Swords and other slaughtering implements were kept in the temple to this day. It is a testimony to the ancient tradition.


The name Mayong is derived from the Sanskrit word Maya, which means illusion. Therefore, it is considered a land of illusions. It is one of the ancient historically famous kingdoms ruled by the Hidimba dynasty. Hidimba was the wife of Bhima (the second son of the Mahabharata Pandava). Shri Gakankantha Singha Dev is the current king of Mayong of the Hidimba clan. The king, as always, has the respect, obedience, and dignity of the natives.

People worship Shakti here and there are many temples for Goddess Bhagavati. There is a legend about the temple that not only animals but also people are sacrificed to the god for the good of people. If one wears a red cloth and enters the temple, he hypnotizes the goddess and disappears from the earth.
People here in ancient times worship a planet called Byadi. The people here imagine the planet as dark art magic. This was the beginning of divination and magic. Shri Tilak Hazarika and Laxmi Ram Nath are famous tantriks (magicians) here. Mayong is full of supernatural stories. With few exceptions, spells were not written down but passed down from generation to generation. People come from abroad to study tantra vidya (black magic and witchcraft), and even psychology students from different parts of the world come here to study black magic. Thanks to its wildlife, black magic, and some ancient Ayurvedic manuscripts, Mayong is now a tourist and archaeological hotspot.

Mayong is a tourist and archaeological site, thanks to its abundant flora and fauna, archaeological pilgrimages, ecotourism, adventure tourism, cultural tourism, and river tourism. Opened in 2002, the Mayong Central Museum and Shop has several ancient artifacts, including books on black magic and Ayurveda, and very close to Mayong is the Pobitora Nature Reserve. The sanctuary houses the largest NARSAK in the world with the United Nations horn.

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