Dushman Ko Marne Ki Dua - maulanaazimkhanji

Dua to destroy the enemy, “When a man is successful, many people become his enemies. Enemies do not let him live after seeing his progress. Dushman Ko Marne Ki Dua, Making enemies is an easy task, just do some good work. Your enemies will become their own. The enemy makes every effort to harass you. He knows how you can be harassed. If you have been troubled by the enemy.

So getting rid of the enemy can be found in two ways. The first is that you Dushman Ko Marne Ki Dua, and the second is that you destroy the enemy. We have brought you the blessings of destroying the enemy. These days enmity becomes over small things. If you make a little mistake, he will become your enemy. Will think of taking revenge on you, will look for ways to ruin you.

The enemy gets jealous just seeing your success. Due to your becoming a successful person, he often starts getting upset. Human beings suffer a lot from the wounds given by the enemy. That’s why the enemy should not keep making clothes for a long time. You have to think of removing the enemy as soon as possible.

Dushman Ko Bimar Karna:

If the enemy has cast black magic on you. Because of this, you have started living ill. Sickness has surrounded your house. All the members of the house have started getting sick. All the money is running out in sick. Even after seeing many doctors, the disease could not be detected. For that, you have to first see who is your enemy. Who has got all this done? Often friends become enemies. If you find the enemy, then you have to look for the cleric who made the enemy sick. Dushman Ko Bimar Karna will make your enemy sick with his knowledge. The disease which you have got, that disease will be inflicted on him. And you will be in perfect health. By doing this the enemy will stop harassing you.

Dushman Ko Pagal Karna:

The first thought of the enemy is, how to make you mad. How to make you mad in front of everyone. So that in the eyes of the people you prove to be crazy. If you think that you are going crazy day by day. Do you also want to destroy your enemy and drive him mad? You should do this work only when your enemy is bothering you a lot. For this, you have to turn your face towards the north and write the name of the enemy on the ground in a deserted place. After writing the name, you have to say a mantra. After chanting the mantra, you have to urinate on the written name of the enemy. And while urinating, you have to say these words till then (enemy hakh hakh fat sava). As long as you’ve been peeing. Immediately after doing this, your enemy will start getting mentally ill.

Which Qurani Wazifa Use For Enemy?

Sometimes it becomes crucial to destroy an enemy as he is not willing to stay away from you. There is quranic wazifa for that called quranic wazifa for the enemy. There are many Dushman Ko Marne Ki Dua and verses in the holy book of the Quran, that mention how to get rid of your enemies. Such a dua is made for people who are right from their hearts and want to save themselves from enemies.

For this, you have to make a fresh ablution and perform your wadu. For this dua, you have to keep a lemon with you during your evening prayer. Blow the Surah Kousar on that particular lemon after you recite the Surak Kousar 100 times. Repeat the same process every evening for 21 days. Your enemy will become away from you and will face difficulties in this life.

This Dushman Ko Marne Ki Dua will attach to the health, financial status, or problems in his home. He will become so busy solving his questions that he will not get any time to think about you. Such dua comes in various forms by which you can punish, make them sick, or even can kill your enemy. All you have to do is to perform this dua with real dedication and devotion.

Wazifa to kill someoneKisi Ko Jaan Se Marne Ka Wazifa, Dua, Amal, Totke, Upay, Tarika, Istikhara, Taweez, Killing someone in Islam is a very big crime, but if there is any reason due to which your If life is in danger from him, for this we are telling you a stipend to kill the enemy. Apart from this, we will also tell you the stipend to kill the mother-in-law and the prayer to kill the sister-in-law.

Kisi Ko Jaan Se Marne Ka Wazifa

Many times there are such turning points in a man’s life when a man gets upset and fed up with someone to a great extent. Such situations are created that the person harassing her thinks that it is extremely dangerous and then it is better to kill her. But he does not want to take the sin or legal charge of his murder on his head. In this situation, some verses have been given in Qur’an-e-Pak, whose stipend can be used to kill someone even by staying away.

Which Wazifa Use To Punish The Enemy?

Even the simplest person in the world has enemies around them. No matter how well the person behaves with others, they do not care for it. So finally, you have to, at last, get rid of such enemies wazifa to punish enemies is a great way to punish such enemies by Dushman Ko Marne Ki Dua.