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In the ancient Indian culture, there are mantras and customs to control people who have gone astray, left their family, gone to other loved ones, left home, and of course the situation where the boss is unfriendly and does not deserve a promotion or raise. Readers, remember that all these mantras are widely published and practiced, but they are only effective if the sadhaka (practitioner) believes in them and practices them regularly.

1. Vashikaran(To control a person to do your heart’s bidding):

Vashikaran in English means controlling your mind according to your wishes and forcing it to fulfill your wish. This mantra is to be used by the practitioner or Sadhaka for others. It puts others under their control. This mantra should be used for couples in strained relationships or superiors, officers, ministers, colleagues, etc. This mantra should not be used for evil and nefarious activities. It should not be used to beat other men and women etc. Vashikaran means to subdue or defeat someone. It is an ancient ritual where people are taught to chant or recite a specific mantra to gain control over someone else or a situation. Common uses of Vashikaran include attempts to tame someone you love, win back that love, get back an ex-lover, entice someone into marriage, or rekindle a marital relationship. in making.

There are several mantras and rituals associated with Vashikaran that follow different paths for different professions. Vashikaran mantra, if properly practiced with all the prescribed rituals and positive intention, is safe and has no harmful side effects. However, some mistakes in following recommended rituals or negative intentions can lead to unwanted side effects.

Om Chimi Chimi Swaha Vashikaran Mantra:

Using this vashikaran mantra is very simple and easy and any person can use it without any hassle to captivate any man or woman he wants. The use of water or water vashikaran is very popular because these vashikaran experiments are considered very effective and powerful. Water is one of the five great elements and the use of charm or the Mohini mantra to captivate with water starts working immediately.

And any man or any person can use this mantra. A boyfriend without attracting a girlfriend. This can be done because of trouble or suffering. There is a lot of yoga to invoke water or water. are local and are most effective. ki in Vashikaran yogas is considered very effective and efficient. go. Speaking of water, it is one of the five amazing elements and Attraction of Mohini to do water evaporation or yoga Boyfriend girlfriend you want to start working with right away Let’s do it.

Two types of vashikaran can be used with this vashikaran mantra and I have told about them below.

First Vashikaran Mantra Method:

  • Wash the face by chanting the mantra with water in the palm. Take the person’s name while washing your face.
  • Do this only 7 times in a row.

Second Vashikaran Mantra Method:

  • Take water in a small bowl and while holding that bowl in your right hand and looking at that water chant the mantra only 7 times.
  • Then drink that water. Take the name of the person you want while drinking the water.

The mantra to captivate with water is as follows:


Om Chimi Chimi Swaha ||

Influence and control neighbors at will. Also, use the power of my captivity mantra. this terrible and most useful without anyone via vashikaran is funded by Nunan Vuduranam K, natural forest herbs and powerful charm to amplify the effects of insects and instruments

The mantra is used correctly. That too. However, you can use the self-quantization amount as indicated. there is plenty to do, but I have told you instructions and precautions so that you can avoid even worse consequences and get the best possible results. can be done So you can call directly. Finally, we tell you that you can use any system Before doing this, you must first contact me. I certainly don’t charge for it. I mean its proper usage like how to recite, when and what to recite, what is in the mantra? Yes, that too! Or send us your message, you can also do that via WhatsApp.

Powerful Vashikaran Mantra for Husband:

Vashikaran has also been very effective and popular for alluring and controlling one’s unruly and irresponsible husband. A powerful vashikaran mantra for the husband is the mantra that helps in attracting/impressing and controlling one’s husband by an aggrieved wife, to live a peaceful and promising married life together. Here, only the positive and constructive 

vashikaran for the husband is exclusively dealt with, to help all troubled wives of the world over.

Our globally-acclaimed vashikaran specialist Guru Ji, who is also an astrologer of immense worldwide fame and popularity, performs only positive vashikaran therapies for benevolent objectives. The main outstanding features of positive vashikaran are the following:

  • Obtainable are only good results with no harmful effects on anyone
  • Just reasonable service charges
  • Effective in all types of problems
  • Better or the best solution to the specified problem forever
  • And marvelous blessings boosted by the good and benevolent intentions of righteous vashikaran specialists.

Alienated or offended women can use any of the mantras to win over their husbands regardless of the various reasons that cause discord between the two. After being treated with any of the vashikaran mantras for pati, your partner will come to you for a peaceful and harmonious marriage.

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